Daily Drop Yoga Class in Every City - Yoga Tour Packages in India

Provision it is tough for a tourist to find yoga trainers in popular cities of India. Such facilities are provided for foreigners only in a few cities. Often, clients enquired me about the yoga practices in other cities which they have been traveling while getting a good experience from our first platform, Yoga in Jaipur. So to broaden our love of yoga, we have started the next step for yoga tours in India and not only in Jaipur, but now we have yoga trainers in major cities of India. Further, we seek forward to open branches of our institute in most of the cities in India with the help and support of travel agencies. Contact to know more about our Yoga Tour Packages in India.

yoga tours in india

Yoga in Rishikesh

Being one of the most holy cities of the country with a home to hundreds of yogis and sadhus from all over the world. Tourists prefer yoga classes in the city because of its scenic beauty and close to the holy river, the Ganges, and the utmost peaceful environment. The city has over 130 yoga training schools for foreigners. Not to say there are many Daily Drop Classes and options are many, but with such positive and precious feedback from our customers, Yoga Tours serves you the best of all. Other institutions may charge you more and not give you satisfactory services, but our institute’s minimal fee would give you the experience of a lifetime. Choose from our customized yoga tour packages in India

yoga tour packages in india

Yoga in Delhi

Delhi is the heart of the country, has many institutions of yoga for interested foreigners. But already an acclaimed institute in Jaipur and awarded as best by the reputed site ‘Trip advisor,’ we continue to take the perfect name to Delhi. We promise to host our guests with the best services provided in the country. You can always free feel with our trainers in Delhi, who would adjust to your comfort level and help you achieve the goal of being a true yogi. None of the guests have left with negative feedback but with a smile on their face.

yoga tour packages in india

Yoga in Pushkar

Pushkar is known for surreal sightseeing spots, and taking in the aura of authentic Indian culture, one can join yoga classes in the city itself. Yoga sessions in the morning breeze is a moment that is never to be missed upon. The beautiful sunrise adds to the memories and the evening sessions are more beautiful with the sunsets. Yoga tours would provide you with the best services all over the city. Giving drop services at the most affordable prices and the best yoga sessions for an experience of a lifetime.

Don’t fall prey to fake trainers and overpriced institutions. Come visit us and book with us as soon as possible.

yoga tours in india

Yoga in Goa

The city of beaches and cathedrals has nothing but the most beautiful scenes for a person to visit. Yoga Tours took a step forward and opened a center just for its customers after a positive response from yoga at Jaipur. Tourists can’t stay at a place for a longer time to continue yoga from where they left when they travel to a new city. Keeping this in mind, yoga tours have opened up branches in most cities on the special demands of their customers. So get ready to practice yoga in the beach city of India with the plus point of pretty locations and weather.

yoga tours in india

Yoga in Dharamshala

Yet again, one of the favorite Hill Stations of the tourists, Yoga Tours, delivers the best services to its clients. There are many options for yoga centers in the city, and yoga tours promise to be the best out of them for their very friendly and comfortable yoga trainers. The hospitality of the center is best known for its clients. So don’t miss out on the pleasure of enjoying some Yoga Asanas in the vicinity of mountains.

And rest leave on us to provide you the best experience of yoga sessions you can take away with you for the rest of your life.