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Dewali Yoga Retreat


1 Day

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Welcome to one of the Diwali festivals & yoga retreat of Jaipur. Visit the beautiful Pink City colorful with light decoration..

Diwali, Deepavali, or Deepavali is a 4-5 day-long festival of lights for Hindus, Jains, Sikhs & some Buddhists every autumn. The dates may vary as per the Hindu Calendar. It is a popular festival of Hinduism, symbolic for “Victory Over Darkness, and Good Over Evil and Knowledge Over Ignorance.”

Every state of India celebrates the festival differently, and the festival illuminates the entire nation to a surprising extent.

In Jaipur, the festival marks the beginning of the tourism season. It is also the biggest festival of Hindus in India and abroad. Diwali is also called Deepawali, which means the festival of lights. The city light up, especially the older parts, so the City people take a tour to see the grandeur. The shops use the lights to make a mark each innovatively.

The five days festival involves so much rituals and fun to-do things.

Day 1 is Dhanteras. Day 2 is Choti Diwali. Day 3 is Diwali. Day 4 is Govardhan Pooja, and the festivities end with Day 5 being Bhai dooj.

The Biggest Retreat Of India

Yoga Retreat will be for seven days from 13-10-2020 to 20-10-2020

Location: Amber Jaipur

Company: Yoga Tours by India


Guests can arrive at the venue in air-conditioned cars accompanied by the fluent instructor. Approx. travel time is 4-5 hours). Or alternately fly directly to Jaipur, where a warm welcome awaits you for a surreal yoga experience.

The day would start with a refreshing sunrise yoga session, followed by a healthy yet delicious breakfast. The guests would be taken for sightseeing. It includes visiting the grandeur of Amer fort and lunch comprising local delicacies that we would accustom us. Then the guests could enjoy an afternoon of relaxation at the hotel – after the tiresome journey.
The next activity would involve enjoying one of the most celebrated and influential festivals of Indian culture, that is – Diwali. With the cherry on the top, the guests would be available to have dinner with the owner’s family to know about the rituals & culture. Then, a visit to the main markets of the City, which are decorated like newlywed wives. This what pink City is known for. All the transportation and traveling would be taken care of by the company, including late-night drop back to the hotel. including late-night drop back to the hotel.

The day would again begin with an energetic morning yoga session and a yummy breakfast. The day’s plan would start with a tour of City Palace and Jantar Mantar. You will got to know an informative and inspiring story by the tour guide. With a Lunch in a local restaurant at a prominent location (included in the package ). Afternoon activity would involve a thrilling visit to an elephant sanctuary. Guests would get to experience a beautiful afternoon with elephants in their natural habitat. Witness some of their daily lifestyle activities and spending around 2 to 3 hours with Elephants.  Then you would be taken back to the Retreat venue in the late afternoon. After, guests can take a tea break, rest for 45 minutes, and an optional yoga class. The company itself would arrange a beautiful dinner night.

After the spiritual yoga session and breakfast, this day’s plan will include the exquisite Camel safari in the Village area. Guests would get to know the real lifestyles of the localities of the City. Back in the afternoon, participate in a Hand block printing workshop and enjoy a shopping spree.
After an Ayurvedic massage session, the guests would be arranged for therapeutic enlightenment. The guests return to the hotel to have an optional yoga class, have dinner, and rest for the next activities.

The morning would start with a walking tour to visit the flower, vegetable, and milk market to touch localities. Visit one of the most popular temples in Jaipur – Govind dev mandir. A street food taste program for food lovers. After which, a fascinating visit to a gem and stone cutting factory, where you get the opportunity to witness the making of some rare gems and buy them. Lunch will be at a local restaurant (self-paid); after arriving back at the hotel in the early afternoon, rest and take a tea break. A cooking class would be arranged for the guests. They get to learn to make some delicious Indian dishes and the different spices and their origins and advantages.

Starting the day with an morning yoga class. After breakfast go on a tracking tour to the nearby city sites, before a visit to the local temple to get to know about the religious rituals of the people residing in the City.
After some rest, chai, and evening yoga sessions, guests would get a chance to go for an open Jeep safari.
The night comes to an end with pious bhajan recitals.

Morning yoga and breakfast at our place.

After which a thrilling camel safari in the village and nearby areas would be organized. The great week comes to an end, and some quiet time reflects on the week so far. Enjoy a light lunch at a restaurant. This night, experience an evening of relaxation at your leisure. You have the option of palm reading by experienced palm readers if you believe in astrology.. An evening of Bhajan, you are chanting and a fire ceremony with a dash of Indian customs and rituals.

The last yoga training session where you get to know more about yoga sessions. You will learn how you could continue it later with your daily chores.
The day reflects with a sharing experience, feedback session, and bidding farewell to the guests.

Details About Retreat Organizer

Many worldwide companies provide yoga retreats in India. Still, none provide as many activities combined with a yoga retreat as we do for your stay in Jaipur.

Your yoga retreat will be organized by Yoga trainer Ankit, who has taught yoga in Jaipur since 2010.

Highly qualified, Ankit has attained his one-year certificate in yoga. He also one-year diploma in yoga, two-year master’s degree in yoga, therapy degree in yoga. And, a certified yoga trainer by Yoga Alliance USA.

Other Details:

Meeting point Delhi airport & Jaipur Airport

Lunch: 3 include four lunch self-pay.

Dinner: 6 includes one self-pay.

Monument entrance (self-pay)

All activities include no extra costs included in your package.

Accommodation: includes breakfast every day.

Transportation: Complimentary from Delhi, arrival to / depart Delhi or Jaipur airports again.

Local English speaking tour guide for coordination of activities and to provide help with language and cultural understanding. 

Note:-Date will be the same, but activity time can change according to clients’ Demands if everyone agrees.

If you have something to ask, feel free to get back in touch. I’m always happy to answer any questions.



  • Free pick-up and Drop off.
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  • Tea.
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  • Snacks.
  • One meal.


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