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Yoga Teacher Training course in Pushkar

We know Pushkar for surreal sightseeing spots and the ultimate soothing climate. But, if you want to take a dive into the aura of authentic Indian culture, join yoga classes here in Pushkar. Yoga sessions in the dawn breeze are truly a great experience. The beautiful sunrise adds to the memories. And the evening sessions are more alluring with the twilights. Being one of the country’s holiest cities a home to hundreds of yogis and sadhus from all over the world, tourists prefer yoga classes in Pushkar. Enroll for our Yoga Teacher Training Course in Pushkar. 

You can register for our 200 & 300 hours yoga training program in Pushkar. We are ranked among the top five yoga teacher training schools. Our founder, Ankit, has gained immense experience working at reputed professional yoga institutions and now has his own registered Teacher Training School in India.

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200 HRS Yoga Teacher Training Course in Pushkar – Dates and Fees

MonthPeriodSharing Room FeesPersonal Room Fees
October 20193rd October – 27th October1000 Euro1200 Euro
November 20193rd November - 27th November1000 Euro1200 Euro
December 20193rd December - 27th December1000 Euro1200 Euro
January 20203rd January - 27th January1000 Euro1200 Euro
February 20203rd February - 27th February1000 Euro1200 Euro
March 20203rd March - 27th March1000 Euro1200 Euro
April 20203rd April - 27th April1000 Euro1200 Euro
May 20203rd May - 27th May1000 Euro1200 Euro
June 20203rd June - 27th June1000 Euro1200 Euro
July 20203rd July - 27th July1000 Euro1200 Euro
August 20203rd August - 27th August1000 Euro1200 Euro
September 20203rd September - 27th September1000 Euro1200 Euro

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